Joe Satriani Died in an Accident  

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Identity card for Joe Satriani, an accident victim, Lempasing, Pesawaran, Lampung

Pesawaran, ( – Joe Satriani Putra (20) a resident of Purnawirawan I, Gunung Terang, Bandarlampung City, died on the spot after being involved in a traffic accident on Way Ratay road, Sukajaya Village, Teluk Pandan District, Pesawaran Regency, Saturday (7/23).

The incident began when Joe Satriani was riding a Honda beat motorbike with police number BE 2909 AFJ, he travelled with his colleague Ridho Felix Irawan (18) from Way Ratay to Bandar Lampung.

Meanwhile, the Fuso type truck driven by Mardiyanto (42) with police number BE 8959 AMB came from the opposite direction. It is suspected that at that time the position of the motorbike driven by Joe Satriani was in the middle of a cornering road without any road markings, this condition made Joe Satriani did not expected that there was a truck in front of him.

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At that time Joe Satriani tried to avoid, but because the distance was too close, the motorbike he was driving finally went out of control and hit the Ram on the right side of the Fuso truck.

Meanwhile Head of Head of Pesawaran Police AKP Martoyo confirmed that there was a traffic accident around 07.50 WIB which resulted in Joe Satriani Putra’s death and Ridho Felix Irawan was seriously injured

“It’s true that there was an accident between a Mitsubishi truck and a Honda Beat motorcycle which resulted in one motorbike rider being killed and one injured,” said Martoyo when contacted

According to him, Joe Satriani died due to a broken right and left leg, broken right shoulder, a bruise on the left eye and a detached lower jaw.

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“His colleague Ridho has a bruised on his left eye, a leg wound and a torn wound on his forehead,” he explained.

Currently the truck driver and his vehicle unit have been detained at the Pesawaran Police Headquarters for further processing. (Virgo)

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